Hats have been in style for centuries. In fact, there was a time when no respectable lady or gentlemen would venture outside without a hat on. And while you’re certainly welcome to go hatless these days, there are also 5 very good reasons to wear a hat.

1. Sun Protection

Sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun, but that won’t do much for the top of your head or your eyes.
We need sunlight to absorb the Vitamin D we require.  Wearing a hat might offer better sun protection than sunscreen and allows you to get sunlight without burning your scalp.  As an added benefit, sunlight also helps brighten your mood.

Another way to stay protected from the sun is to spend more time in the shade. Not practical if you’re hanging out in an area where there is no shade to be had, maybe at the beach, talking to your friends at a barbeque, or chasing your kids on the playground.  That's where a hat comes in.  A sun hat also keeps you cooler, which means you can spend more time outdoors. Incidentally, the protection your hat offers is not just great for summer, but it’s useful for all seasons as the sun can burn your skin no matter the temperature.

2. Style

Wearing a hat can be a fashion statement. Some hats act as an accessory to your outfit and fit right in with your ensemble, but some hats are a style statement on their own. Maybe your the trendsetter amongst your friends. Others may notice your hat long before they notice what else you’re wearing if your hat is unique or bold.  

There’s a reason hats are required in the military.  Hats add style and function to every uniform and can also make your everyday wear look classier.  There are also events where wearing a hat is almost mandatory, for example, the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

3. Warmth in the Winter

In the winter, you’ll need a hat to keep your head warm. More importantly, you’ll want to cover your ears, because they will get cold before the rest of your head is affected. Fortunately, winter hats keep you warm and are also fashionable.

Why does wearing a hat make you warmer? The reason hats make a difference in the winter is that your head gives off a lot of your body heat. Parents of young babies know this well, and that’s why it’s so important to keep the baby’s head protected when it’s cold.

4. To Make a Statement

Hats, like any other item of clothing, can be used to make a statement. Whether you want people to know that you’re proud to be an American, or you want to show off your playful side by wearing an animal winter hat, you can make a statement about who you are with your hat.

Some people even make wearing a hat their trademark. We all have that uncle or grandpa who always wears a hat of some kind. The hat has become a part of them, and you might not even recognize your relative without the hat.

5. No More Bad Hair Days

Most of us have bad hair days. They’re an inevitable part of grown-up (and teenage) life. Bad hair days aren’t usually a big deal if it’s just another day at the office. But usually a bad hair day happens when you really want to impress people, whether that’s at work or at a family gathering. The good news is that there is a hat for every type of bad hair day.

If you hit snooze too many times and have to rush out the door then you could just grab a hat to cover up that noggin.  Did you try to dye your hair at home, but the results are embarrassing at best? A hat can fix that, too.

You don’t really need a reason to wear a hat. Hats are always going to be in style and have a function, even if they’re not worn by everyone every day.

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