What happens after you place an order with us?  At Mammoth Hats, we are very proud of our shipping process. It’s our job to ensure that your items get to you in great condition, which is why we package them carefully and ship them fast.
Our Experience Counts
We’re not super-humans, but shipping your order quickly is important to us. In the days of instant downloads, you are used to receiving your order in a timely fashion. When you order a new hat from us, you’re excited about showing it off to your friends, family, and co-workers. When it's cold, it may also be a matter of urgency to you because you need a hat to stay warm. For these reasons, we do our best to ship your items out as fast as we possibly can.

It requires organizational skills and proper planning to ensure that your items get shipped out quickly. Over the last 10 years we have been in business we have almost perfected our shipping process. We have designed custom shelving for our inventory that allows us keep items secure and find every item quickly. As our selection is always growing and changing this has been an important part of our success.

Purchase from us Monday through Friday before 1 p.m. EST, we assure your purchase goes out on the same day. All orders processed on Saturday before 11 a.m. EST will also get shipped out the same day. Anytime you purchase outside of these times, place an order on a Sunday or holiday recognized by the U.S. postal service, we ship your parcel on the following business day. 

Your Parcel Is Secure
Sending a package is an important part of the ordering process that we don’t take lightly. We know how much you’re looking forward to getting your items. To ensure they arrive in great condition, we use sealed packaging that is not see-through.  This can be useful if you’re ordering the hat as a present for someone but also keeps the contents of your package secure until it is ready to be opened. We take pride in securely packaging orders and in turn, has become a passion.

Due to our experience with packaging, we know what it takes to ensure they arrive securely. We rarely get products returned due to quality issues, because we also inspect every hat before we place it in our inventory. If you do receive a hat that was damaged during the shipping process, you should contact us right away to get a replacement.

Packaging Your Purchase
As far as packaging your order. First we print your order details and pull the item(s) to ship.  Second, is verifying the item(s) match the order then the shipping address matches the shipping label. You probably wouldn't be too happy if your hat was shipped to Hollywood while you are waiting in New York. Lastly, we properly seal your package, add the address label and get it on it's way. 

Your Items May Come in a Box
In addition to warm and fuzzy winter hats, we sell hats that must be treated a little more carefully. Cowboy hats and any structured hats shouldn’t get squished, which is why these types of hats come in a box. Shipping does cost a little more when shipped a box instead of a poly bag but we are protecting your purchase just as you would. 

What Our Customers Have to Say
When it comes to our shipping process, we take your satisfaction seriously. We’re also available to help whenever we can. But don’t take our word for it. See what some of our customers had to say:
  Positive Feedback Received great selleR! Thank you Buyer: floomer007

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  Positive Feedback Received Thanks, great seller Buyer: pedur1

Nov-28 18:05
  Positive Feedback Received fast ship on new hunting face net Buyer: hollowhead
Nov-28 01:40
  Positive Feedback Received Nice! thanks! Buyer: americangirl557

Nov-27 20:28
  Positive Feedback Received quick shipping Buyer: quantumline

Nov-26 16:20

Take a moment and browse through our selection of hats. If you have any questions or concerns, email us, use our contact form, or give us a call. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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