Every day is a day to show pride in being an American, even if it’s not Independence Day. After all, you’re an American all year long, not just during the parade and fireworks. Technically, you can wear a patriotic hat any day of the year. Even if you own more than one type of hat, here are 5 good reasons to wear your patriotic hat more often throughout the year.

1. It’s Perfect for Big Events
When you attend big events, it can be difficult to decide what to wear, especially if you’re going to a sporting event. The problem is if you wear clothing supporting one team over the other, you’re bound to get into discussions or even arguments with fans of the opposite team.

Fortunately, patriotic hats are great for big events, because in that instance, they’re considered neutral. Most attendees are American just like you, and even if they’re not citizens, they’re still happy to be here in this country. Patriotism is looked upon favorably by almost everyone, and your hat can help you stay out of harms way.

2. It Matches Any Outfit
Matching the hat to your outfit may take longer than getting everything else ready to go, especially if you’re worried about conflicting styles. The great thing about choosing a patriotic hat is that it can go with any outfit you might put on. You might even be able to pull it off while wearing a tuxedo or cocktail dress, although we don’t necessarily recommend that. A patriotic hat is certainly good enough for a family BBQ or an outdoor festival.

3. It Might Smooth Things Over
Politics is a hot topic, and everyone has a different opinion. The same is true for most other stories that pop up on the news and might become the topic of conversation. But you don’t have to get involved in debates of any kind. Just sticking to patriotism is safer. After all, regardless of your political opinion, we all have America’s best interest at heart.

Wearing a patriotic hat might not be enough to keep tempers calm, but it’s a step in the right direction. You can always point out to people that it’s great to live in America, even if the country is far from perfect. And then you can move the conversation away from hot topics and talk about what’s for dinner instead.

4. There Are Other Patriotic Holidays
While Independence Day is the biggest day of the year, there are other holidays that are only celebrated in America. You probably don’t think about them as much, but President’s Day is a decidedly American holiday, considering that other nations don’t celebrate our country’s past and current Presidents.

Another American holiday is Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving may have a different meaning to indigenous cultures, the original reason for the holiday was anything but mean-spirited. It’s a celebration of different cultures coming together, getting along, fighting a common enemy (hunger and starvation), and celebrating together.
Today, we still celebrate Thanksgiving in the circle of our families, where we may have overcome our own obstacles, too.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are other American holidays to remember the people that died and served in the Armed Forces for our country. Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and is usually celebrated with a barbeque. There is hardly a better occasion for wearing a patriotic hat than these holidays.

Labor Day is another public holiday that honors the American people. In this case, we’re celebrating the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. A patriotic hat is certainly appropriate on this day, too.

5. It Makes You Feel Proud
With everything going on, it can be difficult to feel proud of one’s country. But no matter who is in power and what’s going on in the world, you should still be proud to be an American. And wearing a patriotic hat doesn’t just signal to your friends and family that you are happy to be an American, but it may also help you feel proud of your heritage and country.

Now that you have 5 good reasons to wear a patriotic hat, you might be interested in browsing our selection. At Mammoth Hats, we have patriotic hats for every season, keeping you cool or warm, as needed, and not to mention showing your national pride.

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